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Book 7 Going Live Tuesday, March 17
Mar 16, 09 5:09 AM
Crafting List
Mar 1, 09 4:56 PM
Mines of Moria Expansion
Nov 6, 08 3:16 AM
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Welcome to the new website for Elendilmir's Champions of Middle Earth Kinship!

Champions of Middle Earth is a young, dynamic Kinship active on Lord of the Rings Online's Elendilmir Server.  We have a wide range of Kin of all races, classes, crafts and levels.  We provide support for our members, assisting with general gameplay, crafting, special assistance, quests, deeds and book runs.  We do regular 6 man raids, and are strengthening and growing into the 12 man raiding environment.
  • Quest Runs, for the longer quests/quest chains and those that require full fellowship, with members that know the quest;
  • Deed Campaigns, for the deeds that require killing 200+ Wargs, Trolls, Giants and so forth, to allow kin to more easily accomplish these important tasks and earn the trait benefits; and
  • Book Runs for the quest chains required there to complete the key steps to becoming A Light in the Darkness. 
  • Regular raiding, and cap level area farming.

This page is currently a Work In Progress.  While it should always be that way, there's a lot more Work to be done before we'll see the Progress we want.  Bear with us as we build a web presence worthy of the Kin - one you'll be proud of.

Book 7 Going Live Tuesday, March 17

Owlish, Mar 16, 09 5:09 AM.
On Tuesday, March 17, the Turbine servers are scheduled to be down from 6 AM until noon to load the new Book 7 content.  Adventurers in Middle Earth will find new areas in Lothlorien open (much of which will require approval from the Elves of Lothlorien to safely visit) as well as revised entry-level quests, new adventures in Ered Luin and quicker character advancement, especially at lower levels.  Your existing characters may see a jump in level (and possibly a double-jump) after your first new XP gain. 

A new Tracking System is availble for the mini-map in the upper corner of the normal UI display will assist players in locating quest sites.  Location coordinates can also be automatically displayed beneth the mini-map, providing additional quest assistance. 

Adjustments have been made to several aspects of the combat system - Minstrels, Lore Masters and Rune Keepers may see a nice advance in their abilities, while the weapons-users in the Hunter, Captain, Champion, Guardian and Warden classes will see a drop in some of their damage output.  These drops may be on the order of 1 to 2% at the lower levels but as high as 20% at Level 60, with the impact becoming sharply greater at about Level 50.

Crafting List

.Verrik., Mar 1, 09 4:56 PM.
All members while you are visiting the site please go to the forums and update your crafting information so I can get it up on the list please :D

Mines of Moria Expansion

540014240_Inactive, Nov 6, 08 3:16 AM.

Lord of the Rings Online first expansion pack is out on November 18th!
Make sure you get your copy and see you all in the halls of the Moria!

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